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Yates Industries manufactures a full line of NFPA/JIC approved cylinders with some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. If you need a specialty cylinder, look no further than Yates Industries — we can manufacture any and all cylinders to your specifications.

About Us


Yates is now one of the largest and most complete cylinder manufacturing companies in the country with three facilities manufacturing pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, as well as a variety of other fluid power related components.

Site Map


Sitemap for Yates Industries.

Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions for Yates Industries.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair


Yates Industries provides fast and effective solutions for cracked or broken cylinders. Get your business back online fast with our 24 hour emergency repair service!

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Clevis Bracket


See the schematics for a clevis bracket from Yates Industries cylinders.

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Eye Bracket


Yates Industries has a full line of cylinder accessories including an eye bracket.

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Female Clevis


Find the specifications for the female clevis cylinder accessories from Yates Industries.

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Female Eye


See the female eye and full line of cylinder accessories from Yates Industries.

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Male Spherical Rod Eye


Get the schematics for a male spherical rod eye cylinder accessory from Yates Industries.

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Optional Rod End Styles


Check out the optional rod end styles cylinder accessories from Yates Industries.

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Pivot Pin


Find a pivot pin or other cylinder accessories from Yates industries.

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Rod Couplers


Yates Industries offers a full line of accessories including rod couplers.

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Rod End Coupler and Weld Plate


Specifications available for Yates cylinders rod end coupler and weld plate.

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Spherical Clevis Bracket


View the full schematics for the Yates cylinders spherical clevis bracket.

Yates Cylinders Accessories - Spherical Pins


Check out spherical pins and the rest of our full line of accessories at Yates.

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Standard Rod End Styles


View specifications for standard rod end styles and other cylinder accessories from Yates.

Yates Cylinder Accessories - Swivel Eye Bracket


View specification for the swivel eye bracket from Yates Industries.

FPJ January


Download the FPJ January ad for Yates Industries.

HP March


Yates Industries is proud to be hard at work in the heart of the steel industry.

FPJ April


The April ad for Yates in FPJ highlights our capabilities in many industries.



Download the FPJ May ad for Yates Industries.

FPJ July


Check out our ad in the July issue of FPJ. Yates is your cylinder source.

FPJ August


The August ad for Yates in FPJ highlights our Tie-Rod, Custom Welded and Heavy Duty Mill Cylinders.

FPJ September


Yates Industries is everywhere. Check out our ad in the September issue of FPJ.

FPJ Off Highway


In the factory and off highway, Yates is your cylinder source. Download our ad from FPJ.

Golf Ad


Yates is performance under pressure. We work so you can play.

AIST March Ad


Yates Industries cylinders are so tough, they’re nearly indestructible.

Careers at Yates Industries


As Yates Industries continues to expand, we’re always looking for qualified people in to fill a wide range of positions.

Hydraulic Cylinder Assembler


A part-time position is available for an afternoon shift assembler at Yates Industries in St. Clair Shores, MI. Must have experience in a manufacturing environment.

Part-Time Driver


Part time truck driver position available at Yates Industries in Austell, Georgia. Must possess a minimum of a valid chauffeur’s license and have 1-2 years driving experience.

Part-Time Shop Maintenance Technician


Yates Industries in Austell, GA is seeking a part-time shop maintenance technician. Must have a minimum of 2 years’ in an Industrial/Machining/Manufacturing Environment.

Regional Account Manager


Yates is seeking a Regional Account Manager in Atlanta, GA, Blytheville, AR, and Indianapolis, IN. Qualified candidate must have 2-5(+) years Fluid Power or Cylinder sales experience, and experience calling on Distributors and OEM accounts, in order to be considered.



Yates has a full-time assembler position available at our Austell, GA. facility. The qualified candidate must have 1-2 years experience in a metal working job shop environment in an assembly position.

ISO 2015 - 2068 Certificate


We’re certified! View the Yates Industry ISO 2015 - 2068 Certificate.

Yates Engineering for MP1=C


Download specifications for MP1-C clevis/pivots from Yates Industries.

Yates Engineering for MP2=DC


Specifications for Yates MP2=DC clevis/pivots, available for download.

Yates Engineering for MP3=V


Download specifications for Yates MP3=V clevis/pivots.

Yates Engineering for MPU3=Q


Specifications for MPU3=Q clevis/pivots from Yates. Available for download.

Yates Engineering for MP4=DV


Download specifications for MP4=DV clevis/pivots from Yates Industries.



Don't spend any more time worrying about damaged equipment! Yates has emergency repair service available 24/7 to make sure your business is back on its feet and making you a profit as soon as possible!

Yates Flange Mount Engineering MF1=F


Specifications for Yates MF1=F flange mount, available for download.

Yates Flange Mount Engineering MF2=R


Specifications for MF2-R flange mounts from Yates. Available for download.

Yates Flange Mount Engineering MF5=J


Download specifications for Yates MF5=J flange mount.

Yates Flange Mount Engineering ME4=Z


Specifications for Yates ME4=Z flange mount, available for download.

Yates Flange Mount Engineering ME5=G


Download specifications for Yates ME5=G flange mount.

Yates Flange Mount Engineering ME6=P


Specifications for ME6=P flange mounts from Yates. Available for download.

Yates Cylinders Catalog


Yates Cylinders Catalog is available for download.

Yates Cylinders Line Card


Download the full line card from Yates Industries. We’re your cylinder source.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Brochure


The Yates Industries repair brochure is available now for download.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Mill Cylinders - Series MH


With bore sizes from 2" – 8” and a 3,000 PSI rating, the Heavy Duty Hydraulic Mill Cylinder - Series MH from Yates is ideal for heavy duty applications such as tilt, furnace lift, and coiler cylinder.

Mill Duty Pneumatic Cylinders - Series MP


The Yates Pneumatic Mill Duty Cylinder - Series MP is designed for the steel industry where light force applications are needed. Bore Sizes From 2" – 8” and 250 PSI.

H6 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders


With bore sizes from 1 ½" – 24 and 20 mounting styles, the H6 Heavy Duty Hydraulic cylinder from Yates is built to last in the most rugged applications, including foundry, steel mills, stamping, plastics, paper and pulp.

A4 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinders


In applications where pneumatics is preferred over hydraulic, trust Yates Industries A4 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinder. 250 PSI with bore sizes From 1 ½" – 20 and 23 mounting styles.

H4 Medium Duty Hydraulic Cylinders


The Yates H4 Medium Duty Hydraulic Cylinder has bore sizes from 1 ½" – 20 and 23 mounting styles. Rated for 1,500 PSI, it is built for medium duty applications in industries such as stamping, plastics, paper and pulp.

L4 Permanently Lubricated Pneumatic Cylinders


The L4 Permanently Lubricated Pneumatic Cylinder from Yates is designed for high cycle long stroke applications and those that do not offer inline oilers. Bore Sizes From 1 ½" – 24 and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

A2 Light Duty Pneumatic Cylinders


For automation of all types where lightweight pneumatic cylinders are ideal, trust the A2 Light Duty Pneumatic Cylinder from Yates. Comes with bore sizes from 1 ½" – 8”, 20 mounting styles and 250 PSI.

H2 Light Duty Hydraulic Cylinders


The H2 Light Duty Hydraulic Cylinder from Yates has bore sizes from 1 ½" – 8” and 20 mounting styles. Rated for 400 PSI, it’s ideal for automation of all types where lightweight hydraulic cylinders are required.

Basic Cylinder Questionnaire


Do you have a request for cylinder from Yates Industries? Download and fill out our basic cylinder questionnaire.

Rod Boots


If you’re in need of rod boots, download this order form from Yates Industries and we’ll get you set up.

Spring Questionnaire


When you’re in the market for a spring cylinder, trust the experts at Yates Industries. We’re your source.

Yates Industries Features Updated Cylinder Product Line Catalog


Yates Industries, the Midwest's leading manufacturer of custom and rebuilt cylinders, is proud to offer an entire cylinder product line catalog.

Yates Industries Brings New Cylinder Line To Steel's Premiere Show - AISTech 2014


Attending cutting edge events is a major part of Yates Industries customer service philosophy. The team was able to meet and engage with attendees at AISTECH representing nearly 500 industry-leading companies and more than 40 countries.

Battling Neptune


Yates Industries and Vickers & Associates collaborated with the Navy to combat salt, water and air to improve the durability of cylinder rods and resist the effects of these corrosive elements.

Updated Online Cost - And Time-Saving Cylinder Service From Yates Industries


With our new cylinder configurator, it's even easier for Yates customers to configure a precise cylinder for their unique application from a wide variety of CAD formats, including 2D and 3D capabilities.

Yates Industries Realizes Faster Order Fulfillment and Enhanced Capabilities with Expanded Facility


Yates Industries has added 50,000 square feet to its Michigan operation. With the new facility in place, we’re providing faster order fulfillment, smoother processes and enhanced custom manufacturing capabilities.

Yates Industries South, LLC Opens New Facility in Alabama


Yates Industries opened up their Alabama location in 2007. Since then, they have established themselves as leaders in cylinder manufacturing and repair for the area, specializing in the servicing of steel mills and the handling of all cylinder needs.

Yates Industries - Handling the Heat


In an environment where molten steel is heated to temperatures exceeding 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no room for error. Yates repairs and upgrades cylinders using only high quality parts.

Yates Industries - On A Mission


At a time when companies are searching for ways to reduce costs and improve productivity, Yates Industries is at the forefront with a national campaign that promotes their "industry best," three-year warranty on new hydraulic cylinders.

Yates Industries - Powering Technology


Across the country, manufacturers of simulation technology equipment depend on Yates Industries to provide them with reliable high performance cylinders from the casinos of Las Vegas to Walt Disney World in Florida.

Yates Industries - Powering North America One Cylinder At A Time


Since its founding in the summer of 1972, Yates Industries has been providing quality new and repaired hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to all types of OEM manufacturers.

Cylinder "Broke?" - Don't Go Broke Replacing It


A dedicated approach to maintenance will maximize the life of a hydraulic cylinder. Yates offers 24-hour emergency repair service and stocks a complete selection of parts that enable them to do repairs in far less time than getting a new replacement.

Yates Industries Continues Growth, Expands Presence in Southeast


In 2014, Yates Industries expanded its operations to Atlanta, Georgia. This expansion broadened their welded cylinder line capabilities.

Yates Industries Named World's Greatest Cylinder Manufacturer


How2Media, the producers of the television show, "World's Greatest", selected and featured Yates Industries in 2014 to be part of their popular television series.

Yates, World's Greatest Cylinder Co., Taking Over Georgia and Southeast


Along with their expansion to Georgia, Yates also expanded their renowned customer service with increased social media presence on YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, so customers can communicate like never before.

Yates Industries Is Stepping It Up at the IFPE Show


On March 7-11th, Yates Industries will be in Las Vegas showcasing at one of the largest fluid power construction shows in the U.S. – The International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE).

Yates Engineering Specs MS1=Y


Specifications for MS1=Y side mounts from Yates. Available for download.

Yates Sidemounts Engineering Specs MS2=A


Download specifications for MS2=A side mount from Yates Industries.

Yates Sidemounts Engineering Specs MS3=H


Specifications for Yates MS3=H side mount, available for download.

Yates Sidemounts Engineering Specs MS4=B


Download specifications for MS4=B side mount from Yates Industries.

Yates Sidemounts Engineering Specs MS7=E


Specifications for MS7=E side mounts from Yates. Available for download.

Yates Tie-Rod Engineering MX0=K


Download specifications for MXO=K tie rod from Yates Industries.

Yates Tie-Rod Engineering MX1=L


Specifications for Yates MX1=L tie rod, available for download.

Yates Tie-Rod Engineering MX2=N


Specifications for MX2=N tie rod from Yates. Available for download.

Yates Tie-Rod Engineering MX3=M


Download specifications for MX3=M tie rod from Yates Industries.

Yates Trunnion Engineering MT1=U


Specifications for Yates MT1=U trunnion, available for download.

Yates Trunnion Engineering MT2=W


Specifications for MT2=W trunnion from Yates. Available for download.

Yates Trunnion Engineering MT4=T


Download specifications for MT4=T trunnion from Yates Industries.

Welded Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders - Series WH


Bore sizes from 1 1/2" – 8” and a maximum operation of 3,000 PSI. Used in a range of industries including heavy equipment, oilfield, mining, manufacturing, waste handling equipment and rolling mills.

Welded Medium Duty Hydraulic Cylinders- Series WM


The Series WM Medium Duty Hydraulic Cylinders from Yates have a maximum pressure range of 1,800-2,500 PSI and are designed for diverse applications. Bore sizes from 1 1/2" – 6”

Welded Pneumatic Heavy Duty Cylinders - Series WP


Designed for manufacturing and packaging industry purposes, the Series WP Medium Duty Hydraulic Cylinders from Yates is designed for a range of machinery. Bore sizes from 1 1/2" – 6” with a maximum operation of 250 PSI.