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H2 Light Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Yates H2 Hydraulic Cylinder | Hydraulic Cylinder

Bore Sizes From 1 ½" – 8"

20 mounting styles.

400 PSI

JIC-NFPA Interchangeable

Common Applications: Automation of all types where lightweight hydraulic cylinders are required.

3 Year Limited Warranty

Manufactured in Michigan




H2 Hydraulic Cylinders | Hydraulic Cylinder

1. Head / Cap: Precision machined from solid aluminum alloy bar stock (6061-T6).

2. Cylinder Barrel: Clear anodized aluminum alloy tubing with file hard coat I.D. provides superior seal life and excellent abrasion resistance. Tube ends are piloted into head and cap for positive cylinder alignment and concentricity.

3. Rod Cartride: Extra long high strength bronze gland provides maximum bearing support and wear resistance. With certain exceptions, a removable retainer allows for gland removal without cylinder disassembly.

4. Piston: Lightweight, high strength, precision machined from solid aluminum alloy (6061-T6).

5. Piston Rod: High strength steel piston rod has a ground, polished and hard chrome plated surface for extended bearing and seal life.

6. Tie Rods: High strength steel, roll threaded for added strength and engagement.

7. Cushion Seals: State of the art self-aligning, self-checking elastomeric cushion seals ensure quick break-away. Eliminates the need for ball checks and provides optimum cushioning.

8. Cushions: ap cushion spear and floatinghead cushion bushing provide consistent cushioning performance.

9. Cushion Adjustments: Flush mounted captive cushion adjustment allows safe cushion adjustment under pressure. Cushion needle design provides a wide range of cushion adjustment.

10. Tube End Seals: (O-ring) compression type seals available in many different compounds. Seals are re-usable if performing maintenance or repair.

11. Ports: NPTF ports are standard. SAE ports are optional.

12. Rods and Piston Seals: The Carboxylated nitrile "U" cups with Teflon® compound ensures long seal life and low friction in lubricated and non-lubricated applications.

13. Rod Wiper: Double lip Carboxylated nitrile with Teflon® compound acts as secondary seal while keeping out dirt, dust and other contaminants.

14. Magnetic Ring: For switch actuation. (Optional)

Side Mounts

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End Mounts

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Pivot Mounts

Yates Hydraulic Cylinders | Hydraulic Cylinder

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