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Do you know when replacing a failed cylinder is cheaper than repairing?

We do. Each month our cylinder experts will share their knowledge to help you get the most out of any cylinder repair or purchase you make – no matter whom you buy your cylinders from. Sign up now for info you can use.

Where do you take your new Cadillac – the dealer, or Quickie Lube?

A 10-minute oil change is like...well, a 10-minute oil change. Fast and easy. but there's no guarantee your engine won't seize up next week when they leave the drain plug loose.

Repairing and manufacturing cylinders for more than 50 years means we either know (or we'll find out) why cylinders fail and use that information so your next cylinder doesn't.

Sign up now. Every month we'll share our latest cylinder lifecycle tips and common (& uncommon) causes of cylinder failure with you.

What do you do if you need custom cylinders?

As a complete design-build shop we can help steer you through a project from the beginning to end.